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01/15/2017BSGC# 102 For this purpose I cameJohn 12 vs 27-28PlayDownload
01/08/2017BSGC# 101 Sir we seek to see JesusJohn 12 vs 16 to 26PlayDownload
01/01/2017BSGCC# 36 On him they laid the crossLuke 23 vs 26PlayDownload
12/26/2016BSGCC# 35 How was Christ Made Sin2Cor 5 vs 21PlayDownload
12/25/2016BSGC # 100 Behold Your King John 12 vs 9-15PlayDownload
12/18/2016BSGC # 99 The fragrance of oil John 12 vs 1-8PlayDownload
12/11/2016BSGCC # 34 The foolishness of the gospel1Samuel 21 vs 10-15PlayDownload
12/04/2016BSGCC # 33 Eating holy bread and a change of the Law Pt 21Samuel 21 vs 1-10PlayDownload
11/27/2016BSGC # 98 One man dying for the peopleJohn 11 vs 44-57PlayDownload
11/20/2016BSGC # 97 Loose him and let him goJohn 11 vs 36-44PlayDownload
11/13/2016BSGCC # 32 Eating holy bread and a change of the Law1Sam 21 vs 1-6PlayDownload
10/30/2016BSGC # 96 The Shepherd and His tearsJohn 11 vs 25-35PlayDownload
10/23/2016BSGC # 95 Sleep, death and the resurrection/the theology of the SadduceesJohn 11 vs 23-27PlayDownload
10/16/2016BSGC # 94 Four days in the tombJohn 11 vs 17-26PlayDownload
10/09/2016BSGC # 93 Let us all go and die with HimJohn 11 vs 6-16PlayDownload
10/02/2016BSGCC # 31 In the cave with the King1 Sam 22 vs 1-223PlayDownload
09/25/2016BSGC # 92 Sickness not unto death Pt 2John 10 vs 1-6PlayDownload
09/19/2016BSGCHW # 2 Sister Samaritan, Jesus and the gospelJohn 4PlayDownload
09/18/2016BSGCC # 91 Sickness not unto death Pt 1John 11 vs 1-6PlayDownload
09/11/2016BSGCC # 30 Will you go with this manGen 24 vs 1-59PlayDownload
09/06/2016BSGCHW # 3The field of bloodMatt 27 vs 1-10PlayDownload
09/05/2016BSGC Con # 6 Not this man gives us BarabbasMatt 27 vs 11-26PlayDownload
08/21/2016BSGC # 90 Who is Jesus?John 10 vs 31-42PlayDownload
08/14/2016BSGC # 89 The security of salvationJohn 10 vs 22-30PlayDownload
08/07/2016BSGCM# 7 Sin and Christ's gloryRomans 11 vs 36PlayDownload
08/07/2016BSGCC # 29 Water from the RockExodus 17 vs 1-7PlayDownload
07/31/2016BSGC # 88 No one takes my life from MeJohn 10 vs 17-21PlayDownload
07/18/2016BSGCCon # 4 Did Jesus answer the question Luke 10 vs 25-37 PlayDownload
07/17/2016BSGCCon # 3 A blood Problem, the Law and Jesus (Indiana)Mark 5 vs 25-34 PlayDownload
07/17/2016BSGC # 87 I know my sheep Pt 2-Election Pt 2John 10 vs 14-16PlayDownload
07/10/2016BSGC # 86 I know my sheep Pt 1-ElectionJohn 10 vs 13-15PlayDownload
07/03/2016BSGCC # 28 The Horn of Salvation Luke 1 vs 67-79PlayDownload
06/26/2016BSGC # 85 The good Shepherd and His death Pt 2 John 10 vs 11PlayDownload
06/19/2016BSGC # 84 The good Shepherd and His death Pt 1 John 10 vs 11PlayDownload
06/12/2016BSGCC # 9 Your Son shall surely die Sam 12 vs 9-12 PlayDownload
06/12/2016Why and what do the sheep hear when the Shepherd callsJohn 10 vs 1-10PlayDownload
06/05/2016You will not see my face unless your brother is with youGen 43 vs 1-15PlayDownload
05/29/2016The Shepherd His sheep and His voiceJohn 10 vs 1-6PlayDownload
05/22/2016Lord I believeJohn 9 vs 35-41PlayDownload
05/18/2016Judas Iscariot and the gospelLuke 22 vs 22PlayDownload
05/15/2016Born blind but now I seeJohn 9 vs 24-34PlayDownload
05/01/2016Joseph of Aramathea, Jesus and the gospelMatt 27 vs 55-66PlayDownload
04/24/2016BSGC# 79 Our son blind from birthJohn 9 vs 13-21PlayDownload
03/20/2016BSGCC# 25 The Day of Atonement the gospel and the ResurrectionLeviticus 16 vs 1-18PlayDownload
03/10/2016BSGCM# 4 The Father has set His sealJohn 6 vs 27PlayDownload
03/07/2016BSGCC # 24 Who shall intercede for a sinner before God1Samuel 2 vs 12-24PlayDownload
02/28/2016BSGCC # 78 Blindness the new creation and the LightJohn 9 vs 1-12PlayDownload
02/21/2016BSGCC # 77 Suffering, the gospel and God's gloryJohn 9 vs 1-4PlayDownload
02/14/2016BSGCC # 76 Born blind, Jesus and the gospelJohn 9 vs 1-4PlayDownload
02/07/2016BSGCC # 23 It is the blood that makes atonementLeviticus 17 vs 1-11PlayDownload
01/31/2016BSGC # 75 Before Abraham was I AMJohn 8 vs 48-59PlayDownload
01/17/2016BSGC # 74 IF anyone keeps my word he shall never see deathJohn 8 vs 42-52PlayDownload
01/10/2016BSGC # 73 Why don't you understand my speech and the gospelJohn 8 vs 37-47PlayDownload
01/03/2016BSGCC # 22 Defects, holy food and the gospelLeviticus 21 vs 16-24PlayDownload
01/01/2016BSGCM # 3 The Priest, His dead relatives and the gospelLeviticus 21 vs 1-4PlayDownload
12/27/2015BSGC # 72 Abraham's children, the gospel and salvationJohn 8 vs 33-42PlayDownload
12/20/2015BSGC # 71 The gospel sonship and salvation pt 2John 8 vs 30-39 & Luke 15 vs 11-32 PlayDownload
12/13/2015BSGCC # 21 The gospel, Pig duty and the Prodigal sonLuke 15 vs 11-32PlayDownload
11/29/2015BSGC # 70 The Son Makes free indeedJohn 8 vs 30-36PlayDownload
11/29/2015BSGCM#2 The gospel, the lawyer and the good SamaritanLuke 10 vs 25-37PlayDownload
11/22/2015BSGC # 69 The Son always pleases the FatherJohn 8: 29PlayDownload
11/15/2015BSGC # 68 When you lift up the Son of ManJohn 8: 28-29PlayDownload
11/08/2015BSGC # 67 You are from belowJohn 8: 21-26PlayDownload
11/01/2015The Sun the moon and the gospelGenesis 1:14-19PlayDownload
11/01/2015I have removed your iniquityZechariah 3:1-10PlayDownload
10/29/2015Boasting in The CrossGalatian 6:7-17PlayDownload
10/25/2015BSGCC # 19 Judah, Tamar and The GospelGenesis 38:1-30PlayDownload
10/18/2015BSGC # 66 I AM The Light of the WorldJohn 8:12-20PlayDownload
10/11/2015BSGC # 65 Neither Do I Condemn YouJohn 8:1-11PlayDownload
10/4/2015BSGCC # 18 Let His Blood Be Upon Us and Our ChildrenMatt 27:21-26PlayDownload
9/27/2015BSGC # 64 The Crowd that does not Know the Law is AccursedJohn 7:40-53PlayDownload
9/20/2015BSGC # 63 If Anyone Thirsts Let Him ComeJohn 7:37-39PlayDownload
9/13/2015BSGC # 62 Where I Am You Cannot ComeJohn 7:25-36PlayDownload
8/30/2015BSGC # 61 The Law, the Gospel and Sabbath RestJohn 7:20-24PlayDownload
8/23/2015BSGC #60 None of You Obeys the LawJohn 7:18-19PlayDownload
8/16/2015BSGC # 59 My Doctrine Is Not MineJohn 7:9-18PlayDownload
8/9/2015BSGCC # 16 Jesus the City of RefugeNumbers 35:9-35PlayDownload
8/2/2015BSGC # 58 John 7 vs 1-8 The world hates JesusJohn 7:1-8PlayDownload
7/12/2015BSGC # 57 Lord, To Whom Shall We Go.mp3John 6:65-71PlayDownload
7/12/2015BSGC # 56 This Is A Hard Saying Who Can Hear ItJohn 6:59-65PlayDownload
7/5/2015BSGC # 55 True Food and True DrinkJohn 6:51-58PlayDownload
7/5/2015BSGCC # 15 The Law of Cleansing a LeperLeviticus 14:1-9PlayDownload
6/28/2015BSGC # 54 He Who Believes Has Eternal LifeJohn 6:46-51PlayDownload
6/21/2015BSGC # 53 No One Can Come to the Son unless the Father DrawsJohn 6:36-45PlayDownload
6/7/2015BSGC # 51 Lord Always Give Us this BreadJohn 6:28-35PlayDownload
6/7/2015BSGCC # 14 The Mystery of the Golden Mice and Golden Tumors1 Samuel 6:1-21PlayDownload
5/31/2015BSGC # 50 The Food That PerishesJohn 6:22-29PlayDownload
5/17/2015BSGC # 49 The Wind Was ContraryJohn 6:15-21PlayDownload
5/10/2015BSGC # 48 Five Barley Loaves and Two Fish.John 6:1-15PlayDownload
5/3/2015BSGCC # 13 The Older Shall Serve the YoungerGenesis 25:23PlayDownload
5/3/2015BSGC # 47 If You Believed Moses Pt 7John 5:45-47PlayDownload
4/26/2015BSGC # 46 If You Believed Moses Pt 6John 5:45-47PlayDownload
4/19/2015BSGC # 45 If You Believed Moses Pt 5John 5:45-47PlayDownload
4/12/2015BSGC # 44 If You Believed Moses Pt 4John 5:45-47PlayDownload
4/5/2015BSGCC# 12 Who Shall CondemnRomans 8:34PlayDownload
4/5/2015BSGCC # 11 Jonah 1 The Sign of JonahJonah 1PlayDownload
3/29/2015BSGC # 43 If You Believed Moses Pt 3John 5:45-47PlayDownload
3/22/2015BSGCE # 6 The Jesus of BartimaeusMark 10:46-52PlayDownload
3/22/2015BSGCV# 1 The Heart of Our GodExodus 3:7-8PlayDownload
3/15/2015BSGC # 42 If You Believed Moses Pt 2John 5:45-47PlayDownload
3/8/2015BSGCC # 10 The Wounds from My FriendsZechariah 13:1-7PlayDownload
3/8/2015BSGC # 41 If You Believed Moses Pt 1John 5:45-47PlayDownload
2/22/2015BSGC # 40 Jesus Receives No Honor from MenJohn 5:41-44PlayDownload
2/15/2015BSGC # 39 You are Unwilling to ComeJohn 5:40PlayDownload
2/8/2015BSGC # 38 The Scriptures Testify of ChristJohn 5:39PlayDownload
1/25/2015BSGC # 37 The Witnesses of Christ Pt 2John 5:37-38PlayDownload
1/18/2015BSGC # 36 The Witnesses of Christ Pt 1John 5:31:36PlayDownload
1/11/2015BSGC # 35 A Time is Coming and Now IsJohn 5:25-32PlayDownload
1/4/2015BSGC # 34 The Sabbath The Gospel and Jesus Pt 2John 5:16-24PlayDownload
1/4/2015BSGC Communion # 8 What Did Jesus Accomplish on the Cross Pt 3Job 42:7-11PlayDownload
12/28/2014BSGC # 33 The Sabbath The Gospel and Jesus Pt 1John 5:11-18PlayDownload
12/21/2014BSGC # 32 Rise Take up your Bed and WalkJohn 5:1-9PlayDownload
12/7/2014BSGC # 31 At the Point of DeathJohn 4:43-54PlayDownload
12/1/2014BSGCE # 5 Who is a Christian and Thanksgiving?Matthew 16:13-17PlayDownload
12/1/2014BSGC Communion # 7 What did Jesus Accomplish on the Cross? Pt2Romans 4:25PlayDownload
11/23/2014BSGC # 30 The Savior of the WorldJohn 4:39-42PlayDownload
11/16/2014BSGC # 29 Leave Your Waterpot with JesusJohn 4:25-38PlayDownload
11/9/2014BSGC # 28 You Worship What You Do Not KnowJohn 4:19-26PlayDownload
11/2/2014BSGC # 27 John 15-20 A Water and Husband ProblemJohn 4:15-20PlayDownload
11/2/2014BSGC Communion # 6 What Did Jesus Accomplish on the Cross? Pt1Luke 1:67-68PlayDownload
10/26/2014BSGC # 26 What Water are you Drinking?John 4:1-15PlayDownload
10/19/2014BSGCE # 4 The Jesus of the Bleeding and HopelessMark 4:21-34PlayDownload
10/19/2014BSGC # 25 The Father Loves the SonJohn 3:31-36PlayDownload
10/12/2014BSGC # 24 He Must IncreaseJohn 3:22-30PlayDownload
10/5/2014BSGC # 23 He Who Believes is not CondemnedJohn 3:16-21PlayDownload
10/5/2014BSGC Communion # 5 Not This Man, But BarabbasMatthew 27:1-26PlayDownload
9/28/2014BSGC # 22 How Can These Things BeJohn 3:9-16PlayDownload
9/21/2014BSGC # 21 You Must Be Born Again Pt 2John 3:1-8PlayDownload
9/14/2014BSGC # 20 John 3 vs 1-8 You must be born again pt 1John 3:1-8PlayDownload
8/31/2014BSGC # 19 The First Passover and Cleansing of the TempleJohn 2:13-25PlayDownload
8/24/2014BSGC # 18 My Hour Has Not Yet ComeJohn 2:1-12PlayDownload
8/17/2014BSGC # 17 What Do You Seek, ft. Elder TilmanJohn 1:35-51PlayDownload
8/10/2014BSGC # 16 Significance of Believer's BaptismRomans 6:1-14PlayDownload
8/3/2014BSGC # 15 Baptism with the Holy Spirit 31 Corinthians 14:1-25PlayDownload
8/3/2014BSGC # 14 Baptism with the Holy Spirit 2Acts 2:1-13PlayDownload
8/3/2014BSGC # 13 Baptism with the Holy Spirit 1John 1:31-33PlayDownload
7/6/2014BSGC # 12 Baptism By the Holy SpiritJohn 1:29-34PlayDownload
6/29/2014BSGC # 11 Among You Stands Whom You Do Not KnowJohn 1:19-28PlayDownload
6/22/2014BSGC #10 This Was of Whom I SpokeJohn 1:15-18PlayDownload
6/15/2014BSGC #9 And The Word Became FleshJohn 1:14PlayDownload
6/8/2014BSGC #8 Not by the Will of Man, But of GodJohn 1:10-13PlayDownload
6/1/2014BSGC #7 Jesus Christ the God of All CreationJohn 1:1-9PlayDownload
5/25/2014BSGC #6 Introduction to the Book of JohnJohn 1:1-23PlayDownload
8/18/2014BSGC #5 The Sovereignty of God and Human Responsibility1 Chronicles 29:11-12PlayDownload
5/11/2014BSGC #4 The Sovereign Grace in God's GospelRomans 1:1, 9PlayDownload
5/4/2014BSGC #3 The Pastor, the and the Gospel (ft. Elder BJ)John 21:15-17PlayDownload
5/1/2014BSGC #2 Why the Resurrection of the SacrificeLeviticus 16:17, 23-24PlayDownload
5/1/2014BSGC #1 Jesus Christ the Sufficient High PriestExodus 33:29-20PlayDownload

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